How high must we travel to find that place where the wind is not blowing? How far south, north, east, or west must you go to find that place where the wind ends, and no longer exists? Obviously, these are mysteries. The wind is something that we really cannot fully comprehend. Therefore, it is impossible for us to accurately define it. Every person is so many inches tall, and so many pounds heavy, but who can weigh and measure the wind?

Who can comprehend the boundaries or the dimensions of the wind? The wind possesses many elements of mystery. We cannot fully define it. We cannot grab it with our hands, and we can not hold it in a container. As soon as we try to put it into a box, it magically disappears. It is there, but we can never master it. No matter how hard we try, we cannot turn the wind into something predictable, or something we can contain within certain boundaries. Jesus declared that God is Wind (Spirit). It is no accident that the Greek word for spirit -- also means wind. The Divine Being is very much like the wind.

Modern prisons are nearly always constructed out of concrete blocks. A concrete block is 16 inches long, 8 inches tall, and 8 inches wide. You can measure it. You can define it. You can hold it in your hands, and examine it careful. Unlike the wind, it is visible, and as hard as a rock. The wind is light, concrete blocks are heavy. Bricks have definite definable dimensions, the wind does not. Bricks are easy to see and believe in, the Sacred Wind is not. Bricks are very much the opposite of the wind.

When people reject truth, they get error. When they reject light, they get darkness. When they reject the Sacred Wind, they get bricks! To run from God, is to run toward bricks! Bricks and the wind are like north to south, and east to west. They are total opposites! Bricks are man-made, but the wind is Creator-made. The person headed north, has turned his back to the south. The one traveling east, is not looking west. Similarly, when one faces the Sacred Wind, his back is turned to the bricks -- and to all the inventions, creations, and works of man. However, the one who embraces bricks, has turned his back on the Sacred Wind. Spiritually, that which is brick and that which is wind are totally opposite. One cannot kiss bricks, and face the Sacred Wind. Spiritually speaking, the one is totally an outward matter, the other inward -- we are Temples inhabited by an inward Wind.

The very first pages of the Bible refer to bricks in a very negative way. In Genesis 11:1-9, the Sacred Wind was displeased when men decided to make bricks, and use those bricks to construct the giant tower of Babel. In the next book of the Bible -- Exodus -- the Sacred Wind is grieved by the brutal enslavement of the Hebrew people in the brick camps of Egypt. In the first two books of the Bible, those who use bricks are at odds with the will and purposes of the Divine Wind. Bricks and wind simply do not mix.

Bricks are the opposite of the wind! They are of a completely different nature and makeup. The Great Wind has always desired a sanctuary, but His temples cannot be constructed of bricks. Bricks are contrary to His nature, completely different, and the opposite of His very essence. Within the house church movement, many have made the claim that there are no 'church buildings' in the New Testament. This is not exactly true. The apostle Paul taught that our bodies are to be Temples for the Sacred Wind. Jesus taught that His Father would make his dwelling (or abode) with us. Thus, we see that the Sacred Wind does have a Temple, only it is not made of bricks. The Temple of the Almighty is an organism, and not an organization. Even as a plant is completely different from a brick -- the one made by the Creator and the other by man -- even so the Divine Temple located in the center of our being is completely different from a house of worship constructed out of bricks. We must search for the Divine Wind in the very center or our center. This is where we are to find the Wind. He does not dwell in houses made of brick.

Today, many people are caught up in bricks! The Bible records the following words of Jesus: "The wind blows wherever it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is fathered by the [Sacred] Wind! [John 1:8, SLV **Note: In Thayer's Lexicon, the first definition of spirit is wind.] Jesus describes those fathered by the Sacred Wind as being unpredictable. The very nature of the Wind is unpredictability. You can try to carefully define the conduct of the wind, but it will defy you. You do not know which direction it will blow, how hard it will blow, or if it will even blow at all. The conduct of the wind is not something that can be defined, analyzed or measured. The wind is something to be experienced, and not something to be defined. The same is true of the Sacred Wind. Bricks on the other hand are totally predictable. They are easily defined and measured! The Sacred Wind and bricks are totally dissimilar. They are opposites.

Christendom has been brought into a state of chaos and turmoil because man is by nature brick centered rather than Wind centered. In Babel -- according to the ancient story -- a colossal tower of bricks caused mankind to become all divided and confused. Men could no longer communicate, nor understand each other. Spiritually speaking, the same is true within the brickdom of Christendom. When these brothers start trying to define God and all of His ways -- He is this many inches tall, this many inches wide, this many inches long, and He weighs exactly this much -- they soon become all full of debate and division. Christendom has become divided a thousand ways because men have tried to define the Wind -- that which defies definition, and which should not be defined. You can define bricks, but the Sacred Wind is to be experienced rather than turned into a list of intellectual explanations -- a neat pile of theological bricks.

Many have fallen spiritually into the error of Babel because they essentially believe that discipleship is a matter of learning to correctly define spiritual matters. They do not understand that the Sacred Wind, His ways, and nature do not lend themselves to definition. The Wind cannot be understood by acquiring theological knowledge. The Wind can only be understood in a limited way by experiencing its movements. No matter how much time one spends in the presence of the Wind, the Sacred Force will always remain a mystery of unpredictability -- even as Jesus declared that no one understands where it comes from or where it goes [John 3:8].

The Bible declares that Jesus was made perfect and learned obedience through suffering. Whenever this Divinely orchestrated suffering occurs, rest assured, the great power of the Sacred Wind is directed to that one. Discipleship is a matter of taking a cross, drinking a bitter cup of suffering, and being called to a heart full of pain. This is where and how discipleship occurs. The one who wants to experience the Sacred Wind, must expect suffering and trials. If you want manmade bricks rather than divine wind, then seek after theological knowledge. As a result you will end up all divided and separated from other believers. This is always the outcome of bricks -- trying to turn all the things of God into definable, measurable, theological explanations.

At Babel the bricks resulted in the division of mankind. And in the land of the Nile, the Hebrews were abused and enslaved by their Egyptian neighbors all on account of a mountain of stupid bricks. Similarly, in Christendom believers are at odds with each other, divided into different camps, and all confused because men try to define spiritual matters. It is as if the Pentecostals, the Catholics, and the Baptists all speak a different language. Babel has returned. Everything is all confused. Things which are not definable, are turned into bricks -- clearly defined theological objects. Theologians, declare that they know the width, length, and height of spiritual matters -- definitions others disagree with. Little do they realize that the Sacred Wind is too unpredictable and far to mysterious to be defined and transformed into clever little theological bricks.. The Divine Wind can be experienced. He can be enjoyed. But he cannot be measured. He cannot be defined. The Great Wind is not a brick. He has a completely different nature.

The one who wants to experience the Great Wind must not seek Him among the bricks. His nature is altogether opposite and opposed to bricks. He is not measurable, definable, and predictable. Even though He is totally unpredictable, and His nature defies definition, it is not a difficult thing to find the Sacred Wind. His greatest desire is to abide in His secret sanctuary -- His Sacred Temple -- located in the very center of ones center. The one who seeks Him and welcomes him in the very center of his heart, that one will find and experience the Sacred Wind. The one who wishes to touch the Wind, must learn to look for him inwardly. One cannot swallow a brick. Bricks are outward things. The Sacred Wind is not to be discovered by looking outwardly. The Divine Wind is interested in establishing an internal residence, an inward Secret Temple -- unseen by the world -- a secret place where one can fellowship with Him in the very center of ones center.

More than anything else we were designed to be a Sacred Temple, to possess an inward residence for the Sacred Wind. How sad that so many are all caught up in the outward things of the world and religion -- things other than the Sacred Wind itself. They put their eyes on outward things -- definitions, theological measurements, pleasures, etc. Unfortunately, all these theological bricks and pursuits by their very nature point us outward, and away from the inward Temple of the Wind. When one is focused outwardly, the Wind no longer has first place in that person's life. Everything which takes our eyes outward is trouble. The Great One is to be passionately first in our lives. His dwelling place -- His Sacred Temple -- is inward. Our total passion, love, devotion, and worship must be focused on the Inward Wind.

There are entire multitudes caught up in the business of finding proof verses for all their favorite doctrines, measurements, and theological definitions. Spiritually speaking, this is building a house of theological bricks. The disciples who walked with Jesus did not spend their days and nights drawing up lists of proof verses by which to prove doctrinal matters. Their eyes were focused on a unique Person, and not a bunch of theological issues. Even so today, our eyes should be focused on a unique One -- the Sacred Inward Wind. To do this does not require the ability to read, theological learning, great knowledge, nor keen intellect. It merely requires passion -- a heart which loves the Sacred Wind more than anything else, and makes that Inward Breeze absolutely the most important thing in ones life.

The one who gives the Sacred Wind priority over everything else, that person's journey will be a fantastic adventure. It does not matter how ordinary or common that person may be. Experiencing the Sacred Wind surpasses any other experience. Nothing compares to that. Touching the Sacred Wind has nothing to do with learning Greek, Hebrew, Latin, or theology. It is not a question of correctly defining theological concepts, or speaking in the religiously correct way, or saying a certain kind of repeat after me prayer. Experiencing the Sacred Wind is simply a matter of allowing the Divine Wind to establish His Kingdom inwardly, and then turning ones inward focus and passion upon the Sacred Wind Himself. For such a one whose eyes are turned inward, there will be pains, unbearable sufferings, and burdensome crosses, but their will also be resurrections. The one who passionately purposes to live always touching the Great Inward Sacred Wind, that believer is guaranteed an absolutely fantastic and marvelous relationship with the Divine Life. For such a person, a marvelous adventure will take place in the hidden secret sanctuary of the heart.

The famous 23rd Psalm ends with the following words: "And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." The intention of the Sacred Wind has always been for us to dwell in His Temple. That Sacred House is not outward. It is inward. We have not been called to dwell on outward things, but to fellowhip and interact with a Sacred Wind who dwells in a secret hidden Inward Temple of the heart. Today, the Sacred Temple is inward.

The Bible speaks of an outward Temple which was built and existed in Jerusalem. That temple had three main parts. Outwardly, their were enormous courtyards and shady porches. The famous Temple choir assembled and sang hymns and anthems in these outward courtyards. Musicians beat on tambourines and strummed their string instruments in these outer courtyards. Men discussed theology, debated doctrines, and defined religious matters in these shaded porches. Their was much discussion, activity, noise and music in the outward courts. Great multitudes gathered and socialized in these enormous temple courtyards.

However, near the center of these outward courtyards there was a Sacred Place -- sometimes referred to as the Holy Place. A few priests entered this room, and daily performed sacred ceremonies and rites in this room. Even more importantly, at the very heart of this grand Temple was the most sacred room of all. This room was the Most Sacred Place -- also known as the Holy of Holies. Only the Highest Priest entered this room, and then only once a year. The Divine Life dwelt in this room. Today this outward Temple is a pile of rubble. It has been in that condition for nearly 2,000 years. However, still today, the Divine Wind has a Great Temple, only it is entirely different and inward. This new and better Temple also has a Most Sacred Place -- a Holy of Holies into which we have access.

This Most Sacred Place is now located in the absolute center of our center. We are the Temple! We have access in this place to the Sacred Wind. We have something better than theology, something better than definitions, something better than theological explanations, something better than bricks, we have Him -- the one known as the Great Wind. We have access to the Sacred Wind in the Most Sacred Room of the Inward Temple where He dwells. Two thousand years ago, when the highest priest entered into the Most Sacred Room, he did not do so with noisy choirs and ringing tambourines, but in total silence. The same is true in the most Sacred Place of our Inward Sanctuary. Turning our eyes inwardly, and resting quietly in His presence, we are to passionately give Him first place over all other things. The minute we step inwardly into that Most Sacred Room, we lack absolutely nothing -- for there we are brought face to face with the Great Wind. To touch the Sacred Wind in the quiet and stillness of this inward Temple, nothing surpasses that!

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