Years ago while living in a small ranch town in Montana, and feeling exceptionally western, we bought our daughter a pony. We soon found that this little pony was more trouble than a hundred horses, and more treacherous than a boatload of Vikings. We should have called him Houdini, for it seemed he could escape at will.


Early every Sunday morning the men of our church would gather to fellowship and have breakfast. This was my favorite time of the week. One Sunday morning I woke to the sound of my wife's voice, saying, "Honey, the pony is gone!" My first thought, as I looked at my watch was, "Oh, no, I am going to be late for men's breakfast!" I hurried down the road about a half mile where I found him in with the neighbor's horses. I was seething! I hooked him up and began to pull, but he resisted by planting his feet. I thought this was a battle of the wills, so I threw the rope over my shoulder and began to drag him. Down the road we went. What a sight it must have been. Finally weary and frustrated, I took the end of the lead rope and rapped him on the nose. "Why won't you come?" I shouted, as we stood staring at each other.

Then I heard a sound on the hilltop overlooking the road. There, sitting astride a fine quarter horse, was one of the brothers, as it was his custom to periodically ride horseback to men's breakfast. "Oh boy, now I feel like an idiot," I thought to myself. Having watched this pathetic exhibition of horsemanship, this brother's advice was, "Release the tension on the rope, turn around, walk and he will follow." To my amazement it worked! Then and there, I learned a valuable lesson about leadership. Stop pulling (toward yourself), turn around and walk (toward Jesus) and if you glance behind you and people are following, don't be surprised. What greater example can you model than following Jesus with all your heart? Isn't that what we have endeavored to preach into existence?

What is true leadership? It is nothing more than going on ahead. We must have our minds renewed to view leadership as going on ahead, rather than presiding over, as walking the path, rather than ruling the roost.  If you are following Jesus, you will inadvertently lead.

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