Christians today are reaching out in many different directions in a sincere effort to meet the awesome challenge of the closing days of this dispensation. Everywhere we see evidence that the "mystery of iniquity" is coming to its head, in fearsome defiance of all that Christianity stands for. However, some inner spiritual sense tells us that God has an answer for this mighty Goliath, and we are reaching for that answer.

I personally believe that most of this reaching is good and that each emphasis is part of the greater answer we seek. However, at the very heart of things there is a deep-seated problem which if not met will finally disannul all other victories we may achieve. Scripture tells us this - and, thus far, the glorious but sad history of the Church bears ample witness.

It is with this root need that our Japanese brother so ably addresses himself in these pages - not merely pointing out the problem, but with true spiritual insight giving the answer. I deem his work to be one of the outstanding books of our day and the spiritual concept he sets forth as absolutely essential to the realization of New Testament "fullness".

John Myers,
President, Voice Christi-Publications

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